My Approach

Do you have an article you've been working on but now you're stuck? Maybe I can help. Do you have a blog that you never seem to get around to posting on? Maybe I can help? 98 times out of a 100 I can take any piece of writing and make it more effective. Send me a note or email me at ennyman3@gmail.com

My Story

My career in advertising & marketing communications spanned more than three decades in which I served two companies which both quadrupled in revenue with annual double digit growth during my tenure in each.

Alongside a career in marketing communications/advertising I have been freelance writing since the early 1980s, publishing more than 450 articles, eight books and 4000 blog posts. I enjoy writing of all kinds, include short stories and poetry. I am also an artist and the author of a daily blog called Ennyman's Territory.

Having recently retired from my 8-5 job I AM CURRENTLY AVAILABLE for for services pertaining to social media content creation, freelance writing, editing, ad copywriting, PR and marketing consultation.